European Member States Ban Pesticide Responsible for Death of Bees

Fipronil, an insect nerve agent used to treat cockroaches and termites, has recently joined the list of pesticides banned throughout Europe in an attempt to save the bees. The ban came after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released a scientific study that proved that seeds treated with Fipronil posed an “acute risk” to the honeybee population.

The decline of honeybees is not new news. Just last year the United States lost 31% of the population. Scientists have been puzzled by the drastic loss of bees. Some have found the cause to be colony collapse disorder where bees abandoned their hives and disappear. One of the causes of colony collapse disorder has been known to be the effect of pesticides.

Although Europe took a huge step forward in saving the bees, it is not enough. The use of Fipronil is still allowed under certain circumstances in greenhouses. To truly help get the honeybee population up again, we must outright ban the pesticides that cause harm to them. We must also urge our own country to look at the facts that are being ignored and pass laws that will protect the species.

There is no room for debate. The bees are dying. A world without bees means a world without pollination. A world without pollination means a whole lot less food.

What would a world without bees look like? Here’s a video that might answer that question. BeABee is not an actual company, but, the way we’re heading, it someday might be.


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