Rawr! Global Tiger Day brings attention to the reservation of tigers



Global Tiger Day is held annually to bring attention to the reservation of tigers and to try to get people all over the world to join the fight to save them. According to the Tiger Day website, “The goal of Tiger Day is to promote the protection and expansion of the wilde tigers habitats and to gain support through awareness of tiger conservation.”

In just over a century, 97 percent of wild tigers have been lost. At this rate, wild tigers can become extinct in just five years.

Loss of habitat is a huge factor in the disappearance of the tiger. The tigers have lost  93 percent of their natural habitat during the expansion of cities and agriculture. Because we are now competing with tigers for the same land, tigers have now started to hunt livestock and have become vulnerable to poaching.

Climate change is also a factor. Rising sea levels are becoming a big concern as they threaten to destroy existing tiger habitats.

However, it’s not all bad news for the big cats! Things are looking great in Nepal¬†after a survey showed a 63 percent increase in tigers since 2009. This brings their wild tiger population to 198. What a great way to start Global Tiger Day!

Nepal can be seen as inspiration to keep on fighting! This increase is a starting point to the things we can do as human beings who share this great planet with these beautiful creatures.

For more information of Global Tiger Day, visit their website. They have a great infographic on tigers all over the world and you can also check out some of their top documentary picks.